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New Story in BULL!

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BULL: Men’s Fiction is a highly attractive, wildly entertaining journal that you should all read. It so happens that they’ve also got a short story of mine, “Head,” in their latest issue. The story is about a guy whose head stops functioning while the rest of him keeps chugging along. Dark humor and gore abounds! Here’s the LINK.

New Story in Newfound Journal!

Please take a look at my short story, “Engagement,” which appears in the latest issue of Newfound Journal. They’ve got lots of great fiction, poetry, nonfiction, and visual arts in there as well. There’s even a very well-written and unique review of James Franco’s film adaptation of Faulkner’s As I Lay Dying. You can find my story here!

New story in Pure Coincidence Magazine!

New story in Pure Coincidence Magazine!

Check out the new (and inaugural) issue of Pure Coincidence Magazine.  They were kind enough to include my flash fiction piece, “A Four-Letter Word for Exchange.”  Take a look at the pdf of the new issue, but you should also consider ordering a print copy.   I know I’m going to!  There’s a lot of terrific stuff in there!

Another Guest Post at Superstition Review

The folks at the journal Superstition Review have kindly asked me to do another guest blog post.  I was happy to oblige!  My subject, roughly, is “truth” in fiction.  You can find my post, “Write What You (Don’t) Know” here.  Hope you like it.

Guest Blogpost in Superstition Review

The great folks at Superstition Review were nice enough to ask me to write a guest blog post. I came up with something that I hope is interesting and maybe generates some discussion: the concept of “likeable characters” in fiction. It’s called “What’s Not to Like?” and you can find it here. Just scroll down to the December 15 entry. Also be sure to check out the other awesome fiction, poetry, and interviews in Issue 10 of Superstition Review.

New Story in REDIVIDER!

I’m pleased to report that the latest issue of the outstanding journal Redivider contains a story of mine.  My story answers the eternal question: “If the Invisible Man Dies and Nobody Sees it, Does He Really Die?”

The journal is available in print copy, so please treat yourself to a literary feast!

Here’s a link.

Superstition Review!

The new issue of Superstition Review has just launched, and I’m pleased that they wanted to include an interview with me in their issue. Their editor Christina Arregoces asked me some really interesting, perceptive questions about stylistic choices in my stories and things of that nature. I hope you will check it out, as well as checking out the rest of the stories, poems, nonfiction, art and interviews in this fantastic journal.

You can find the latest issue of Superstition Review HERE.

You can go directly to my interview HERE.

How did I become a writer?

If you’ve been dying to know the answer to this question (as I have), then please read this interview with yours truly HERE

Thanks to the wonderful fictionist and wonderful human being Kelcey Parker for including me in her series of interviews. You all should go buy her excellent story collection, For Sale By Owner! You’ll be amazed and entertained, truly.

Uncomfortable hat

I was tired of looking at my recent posts and wanted something new. So here’s a photo that appears when you do a Google Image search for “uncomfortable hat”:

man wearing uncomfortable hat

U.P. Book Tour!

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As usual, I’m tardy on my posts. Not that anyone really cares. It’s just another way that I make myself feel like a slacker. Anyway, I wanted to report on my humble portion of the mighty U.P. (Upper Peninsula, for those from out-of-state) BOOK TOUR, which recently wrapped-up after a solid month of readings, panels, book signings, and workshops.

I gave a reading at the Negaunee Public Library and participated in a panel discussion at the Peter White Public Library in Marquette, Michigan. My thanks to everyone who came out to these events, as well as to the librarians for their generous hosting. It was really a great experience meeting and reading with the many Michigan authors, and it made me proud (prouder — I was already proud) of this great state. Poets and fictionists Jennifer Burd, Saleem Peeradina, Matthew Gavin Frank, Linda Nemec Foster, Eric Torgesen, Phillip Sterling, and Patrick McGinnity were all there and all gave sparkling readings. Tyler Tichelaar was an outstanding moderator at the panel, and of course author Ron Riekki — tireless inspiring (and inspired) Ron Riekki — made it all go off without a hitch.

It was a great pleasure to be involved in this project, and I look forward to many more years of the UP Book Tour!


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