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How did I become a writer?

If you’ve been dying to know the answer to this question (as I have), then please read this interview with yours truly HERE

Thanks to the wonderful fictionist and wonderful human being Kelcey Parker for including me in her series of interviews. You all should go buy her excellent story collection, For Sale By Owner! You’ll be amazed and entertained, truly.

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  1. Hey there,

    I work with Kelcey Parker at IUSB, and I actually graduated from CMU! What a teeny world! Are you going to do any readings around South Bend, Kalamazoo, or Mt. Pleasant in the near future?

    • Hey, nice to hear from a fellow Chippewa! It is a small world indeed. I did a reading at IUSB in early 2010, and it was fun. We went out to a good bar, and I got some good music recommendations from students. Anyway, I don’t have any readings set up for the near future, but I’d love to come back there. If you want to email me directly, it’s doyle darrin at hotmail dot com (I’m adding spaces to discourage spambots). Take care, Darrin

    • Hell yes. You win the prize (even though there is no prize)! Were you at the Caledonia Battle of the Bands, or maybe did you catch our show at Froggy’s on Leonard? Or were you one of 17 people who heard our tape, We Kid You Not? Our cover of Stairway to Heaven was for the ages…


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