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Superstition Review!

The new issue of Superstition Review has just launched, and I’m pleased that they wanted to include an interview with me in their issue. Their editor Christina Arregoces asked me some really interesting, perceptive questions about stylistic choices in my stories and things of that nature. I hope you will check it out, as well as checking out the rest of the stories, poems, nonfiction, art and interviews in this fantastic journal.

You can find the latest issue of Superstition Review HERE.

You can go directly to my interview HERE.

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  1. Thanks for posting this interview. There are a few lines and tidbits of advice that I found helpful. Also, I will certainly look into some of the writers you’ve suggested.

    By the way, I read both “Ha-ha, Shirt” and “Hand,” and enjoyed both. You have a very diverse style in that your works seem to reflect back on one another, in an ambiguous manner, which is the sign of an effective and consistent authorial voice; further, these two stories are so incredibly different they may have been written by two different authors.

    As a writer of fiction who prefers to dabble in varying genres, I find your work both entertaining and inspiring.

    • Hey Paul, thanks for the great compliments. For some reason or other, I do appreciate diverse styles, voices, tones, etc. Maybe I’m impatient, or maybe I just like too much of what I read, hear, and so on, and I can’t filter any of it out. I’ve noticed the same inclinations in your stories, too.


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