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New story in Pure Coincidence Magazine!

New story in Pure Coincidence Magazine!

Check out the new (and inaugural) issue of Pure Coincidence Magazine.  They were kind enough to include my flash fiction piece, “A Four-Letter Word for Exchange.”  Take a look at the pdf of the new issue, but you should also consider ordering a print copy.   I know I’m going to!  There’s a lot of terrific stuff in there!

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  1. lauracaitindavis


    I would like to encourage you to submit your work to 94 Creations, the journal I work for. You can peek at some back issues at I would not vote on your work, of course, but I work with a great team of writers who would do so. We are seeking submissions of just about any art form that can be printed, including creative non-fiction, fiction, poetry, and visual art. I personally would love to see your quirky, dark, funny work in our print (nice glossy paper!) publication.

    Wow… I can’t believe the number of emails I’ve returned in the last hour after being out of contact for a couple of days.



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