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Darrin Doyle has lived in Saginaw, Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo, Osaka (Japan), Cincinnati, Louisville, Manhattan (Kansas, not the other one), and Mount Pleasant.

Some of his previous jobs include:




Door-to-Door Salesman

Pizza Delivery Guy


Line Worker at Caulking Glue Factory

Prep Cook/Dishwasher

Newsstand/Magazine Store Clerk

Porn Store Clerk

Copy Consultant (fancy name for Kinko’s worker)

Freelance Writer for Newspaper

English Language Teacher (Japan)

Graduate Teaching Assistant

Technical Writer at Pharmaceutical Company

Rock Star


His short stories have appeared in Puerto del Sol, The Long Story, Cottonwood, Alaska Quarterly Review, Night Train, Harpur Palate, Laurel Review, The MacGuffin, and other journals.  He has received fellowships and scholarships from the Sewanee Writers Conference and the NY Summer Writers Institute and teaches at Central Michigan University.  He is the author of the novels Revenge of the Teacher’s Pet: A Love Story (LSU Press) and The Girl Who Ate Kalamazoo (St. Martin’s Griffin).   He teaches at Central Michigan University.

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  1. Dear Dan,
    I was your student in an African American Lit. class at U of Louisville 2 or 3 years ago. I always throught you looked exactly like Lt. Dan from Forrest Gump (Gary Sinise); for the first few classes I thought you actually WERE him.
    I thought of Gary Sinise today and googled you.
    Were you really a porn store clerk?

    • Dear A–,

      I’m sorry to see that you were born without a name; that must be difficult for you. (My name is Darrin, by the way, not Dan . . . but you were close!)

      So I look like Sinise? I’ve never heard that before, but it works for me. Google away! He’s in a band.

      And yes, I did work at a porn store. It’s called The Velvet Touch, and it’s in Kalamazoo, MI. Not my shiniest moment, but they paid $6.00 an hour, which was gold in the early ’90s.

      Be well,

  2. Darrin,
    My father gave me an autographed copy of The Girl Who Ate Kalamazoo. I just finished it and loved it. I would have loved it even if I hadn’t grown up there and gone to WMU but I did enjoy the Kalamazoo references. I worked around the corner from the Michigan News Agency. Stuart Dybek used to go there reguarly. My friend Jimmy worked there and as a surprise he got Dybek to sign my copy of Childhood and Other Neighborhoods that I had loaned him.

    I think it should be a movie. I’ll write the screenplay if you want. With CGI I think they could make it look realistic.

    Keep up the good work
    Ignatius Wolf

    ps I have never been to the Velvet Touch on West Main just past the cemetery.

    • Hey, thanks very much for your message, Ignatius Wolf. I like your name. And I appreciate your nice words about my book. As far as writing a movie script, I say go for it! As of now, the film rights have not been optioned, so if you write a kick-ass screenplay, who knows?

      Take care,

  3. Hi Darrin,
    Have you ever lived in Brighton, Michigan? Just wondering if you’re the boy who lived down the road from us in early-mid ’70’s. How many Darrin Doyle(s) could there be in MI? If so, we share a funny childhood story worthy of reminiscence.

    • Hi Julie,
      I actually grew up in Saginaw, which is where I was as a kid in the ’70s. So I guess I’m not the only Darrin Doyle in MI after all… :) I’m as surprised as you are! Take care, Darrin

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  5. jeffrey bruckwicki


    I want to catch up. But, for the time I can’t remember the book that you recommended that had a black narrator that had to write books in a “ghetto” voice. Please email me so we can chat!

    Jeffrey The Beard Bruckwicki

  6. Michele Brotherton


    You forgot working the front desk of study center at Western. That’s where I remember meeting ya.

    Haven’t read your novel but I’m gonna…



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